The Collection Professional Certificate (CPC) program is an online Learning Management System that once complete indicates a mastery in the Higher Education Collection and Receivables Profession. The program is recommended for current Collections staff, Bursars office staff/cashiers, Controllers, Student Accounts Managers, Assistant Controllers/Treasurer, Student Finance Staff and Student Loans Staff.

Professional Development Group (PDG) has teamed up with James Garrant for the instructional design of the program. James is a 25+ year grizzled veteran of student accounts and receivables at Boston University, Wheaton College, and Wellesley College. He is currently the Director of Student Accounts at Lasell College in Newton, Massachusettes. James is a firm believer in student and parent responsibility and prefers to ‘teach them how to fish,’ instead of ‘give them the fish.'

Listen to James Garrant's webinar to learn more about the CPC program:

Overview of CPC ContenT

  • Customer Service: Financial Agreements, Billing, Delinquencies, Documentiaont, Account placement, best practices
  • Regulations: TCPA, FDCPA, FERPA, statute of limitations, compliance, due diligence
  • Collection Agency: Selection, Communication, Partnerships, Expectations, Oversight.

Benefits of the program

  • Be recognized as an expert in your profession
  • Better employment opportunities may be possible
  • Professional recognition
  • Employers will see you as an asset
  • Demonstrate that you are qualified to do your job
  • Demonstrate that you are dedicated to improving your knowledge level
  • Become more familiar with all aspects of the position
  • Stay up to date with regulations and current issues

How to get Certified

  1. Purchase the materials for your certificate for $425.00
  2. Listen to each audio session and follow along with corresponding handout
  3. Complete each audio session evaluation with 80% or greater accuracy
  4. Use the CPC insignia on your resume and professional profiles
  5. Flaunt your CPC lapel pin at future Collections Conferences and industry events

All PDG Certificate Programs are limited to Staff in the Higher Education Field.