The P-Card Professional Certificate (PPC) program is an online Learning Management System that once complete indicates a mastery in the Higher Education Accounts Payable and Purchasing Card Profession. The program is recommended for current Procurement/Buyer Card Staff, Accountability and Control Staff, Purchasing staff, Financial Analyst, Business and Finance Administrators, Account Executives and Auditors and Compliance Auditors.

Marty Newman 2013 P-Cards on Campus Conference

Professional Development Group (PDG) has teamed up Marty Newman for the instructional design of the program. Marty Newman is retired Assistant Director of Delegated Procurement at the University of Maryland. Prior to retirement her responsibilities included managing the purchasing card, small order, and master contract programs; reviewing University units that have delegated purchasing authority; and providing procurement training to campus. Annual expenditures under Marty's management exceeded $120 million. Marty taught the following courses to UM staff:  Procurement 101, Procurement Using Sponsored Program Funds, and Purchasing Card.

Content Overview

  • Program Establishment: RFP, Policy/Guide, Forms, Training
  • Compliance: Monitoring, Fraud, Auditing, Impact of Shutting Down Cards, (PCI) Compliance Audit
  • Types of Cards: Card Options and Products, Travel Card
  • Best Practices: Best Practices for your Pcard Program, Program Expansion, Data Analytics, Pcard Smorgasbord, Changing Providers


Benefits of the program

  • Be recognized as an expert in your profession
  • Better employment opportunities may be possible
  • Professional recognition
  • Employers will see you as an asset
  • Demonstrate that you are qualified to do your job
  • Demonstrate that you are dedicated to improving your knowledge level
  • Become more familiar with all aspects of the position
  • Stay up to date with regulations and current issues

How to get Certified

  1. Purchase the materials for your certificate - $590.00
  2. Listen to each audio session and follow along with corresponding handout
  3. Complete each audio session evaluation with 80% or greater accuracy
  4. Use the PPC insignia on your resume and professional profiles
  5. Flaunt your PPC lapel pin at future Collections Conferences and industry events

All PDG Certificate Programs are limited to Staff in the Higher Education Field