Position Title
Position Type
Salary Range

Start Date

Meeting Manager
Full-time (40+ hours)
$35,000 - $45,000 (depending on experience)
8 - 10 times annually
 IRA  Savings (after one year)
Non-compete (2 year), Non-disclosure, employment contract
send resume to jobs@prodevmeetings.com

PDG is a fast growing conference and association management company located in Bloomington, IN. We manage 25+ annual conferences around the nation and internationally. PDG has a vibrant and fast paced environment and is looking to energetic, resourceful and goal driven employees.

Meeting Management

This position would manage both PDG owned and Association Contracted meetings. This would include current PDG meetings and customers as well as new meetings contracted. This position will manage all aspects of the meeting process including: direct customer contact, sales, hotel task management, deadline and timeline management, printed materials production, web site content, email blasts, registration management and more. Must have extreme attention to detail and timelines.

Event Promotions
& Marketing

This position would need to suggest creative new event promotion strategies to continue to increase meeting attendance. This may include partnerships with other associations, mailing list purchases, e-mail campaigns, web advertising, creative pricing structures, and more.

On-site Meeting Management and Interactions

This position would be a high visibility one. The person would be called upon to, perform limited speaking functions at meetings, and much more. Listening and effective communication skills would be required for this position. Also, this person would have to act as on-site event management staff for the actual event. This will include conference setup, registration, reception management, A/V issues, and more. This person may also be called upon to help staff other PDG managed events as necessary. Must be willing and able to lift up to 40 lbs at times to help with event setup.


A crucial factor in all events is corporate support for these meetings. This support can be manifested in several manners: Financial support, program promotion to current customers, affiliation partnerships, exhibiting, and much more. This position would develop long term vendor relationships to encourage continued support, sales, attendance and promotion of PDG events.

Site Inspection

This position will seek out new locations for PDG and contracted meetings. These visits would require detailed reporting of hotel attributes and features.

Other Duties
as Assigned

This position requires flexibility. The person who fills this position may be called upon to perform job responsibilities beyond the above descriptions.

Data Management

This position will involve data entry of registrations for meetings. Also, this position will produce some printed materials using MS Word or other means. Filemaker Pro database is utilized for all database functions.


Microsoft Office suite, Filemaker database, web services