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Presenters: Sharon Butler, Executive Vice President of Global Sales, FlyWire; Loiuisa Vakili, Director Studetn Financial Services/Bursars, Loyola Marymount University, Carolyn Kaikaka, Director of SFS, University of Pittsburgh; John Hockersmith, Associate Director of Receivables, Student Loans and Collections, University of Illinois

Recorded On: Thursday, September 27, 2018

A brief overview on what will be discussed at this year’s complimentary onsite FlyForum workshop at the 2018 Student Loans and Financial Services Conference. In addition to the overview of the educational FlyForum agenda, PDG will reveal a coupon code for anyone who register for both the FlyForum and the Conference.

The Power of Partnership: Meeting Students Where They Are

Presenters: Marybeth Unsworth,Director of Relationship Management for North America ,Flywire; Betsy Burton Strunk, Director of Sales, BankMobile, Judith Flink, Senior Sales Advisor, Flywire; David King VP of Engineering, Flywire

Recorded On: Thursday, September 20, 2018

Paul Vallas, former CEO of Chicago Public Schools, was tasked by the Illinois governor, to work with a team to turn around Chicago State University. The university has faced years of declining enrollment and strained finances. At the beginning of his tenure at the university, Mr. Vallas reached out to Judith Flink, a 30-year veteran at University of Illinois system. After spending months on campus, Judith reached out to expert vendors in the field to assist with enhancing student services, while gaining efficiencies. 

Chicago State University needed a holistic approach to managing business processes on campus. Thus, the university brought in an enhanced refund management system, an unrivaled international payment service and an innovative suite of student financial services products. 

The Chicago State story is not uncommon in higher education. With the dramatic reduction of higher education funding, coupled with the continued decline of financial aid purchasing power, it is essential that higher education institutions decrease expenses while gaining efficiencies. Likewise, there is a call to improve student service and retention rates. It is more critical than ever to meet the needs of Gen Z and Millennial students. Emerging innovative technologies afford colleges and universities the opportunity to meet these needs.

This presentation shows how a team of providers has leveraged technology to improve student satisfaction, increase cost-effectiveness, and gain internal efficiencies in the business office. Hear how the institution provides a blended service model targeting the next generation of students and families.

The Why and How of Securing Treasury and Payments

Presenter: Craig Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer

Recorded On: Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

When it comes to fraud, the past few years have seen a massive rise in criminal activity perpetrated against businesses and institutions. Often, these attempts will specifically target financial personnel including treasury and those with authority or oversight over payments activity. Although continued technological enhancements are allowing organizations to manage payment operations in a more efficient manner, criminals are also leveraging new technology to develop more sophisticated and dangerous fraudulent techniques. The result is that organizations must be more prepared now than ever before when it comes to protecting their financial assets.

This webinar will explore the dramatic increase in fraud that has occurred within the financial environment and examine how new technologies have given way to the creation of more sophisticated criminal techniques. The presentation will also identify common areas of exposure that exist within organizations today and, finally, analyze specific methods and strategies that financial practitioners can employ to protect themselves. 


Presenter: Brian Kyser, Senior Solutions Consultant,  SAP Concur

Recorded On: Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Institutions must look at their spend holistically and anticipate spending and costs savings in more creative ways than ever before. We face hurdles of data in multiple locations, paper-based and manual processes and often a non-mandate culture that makes a holistic view difficult. Spend management could soon equal cybersecurity in importance because we cannot secure and manage what we don’t know. Inside the SAP Concur platform is a lot of data that can be turned into actionable information. We’ll review the data buried inside the system and how it can be turned into information that can save the institution dollars


Presenter: Rex Myers, Regional Sales Executive, SAP Concur

Recorded On: Thursday, August 16, 2018

P-Cards. What is their primary purpose on a campus? Convenience? Small dollar transactions? Expediency and timeliness? Freedom? All useful benefits, but what comes with all of these benefits is risk. Risk of non-compliance. Risk of fraud. Risk of abuse and misuse. Violations of state, university, and funding source (e.g., grants) policies can instill substantial penalties and fines, total loss of funding, and even criminal charges. This becomes a balancing act -- balancing the p-card benefits of efficiency, timeliness, and rebates with the risk of abuse. During this webinar, you will learn techniques and processes that will help institutions automate the reconciliation process and drive rebates back to the university or college. And you'll learn to realize these benefits while having oversight of p-card use to ensure it keeps the University out of the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Taking the Complexity Out of Income Share Agreements

Presenter: Bill Brosseau, Co-Founder and Vice President, Vemo

Recorded On: Thursday, May 24, 2018

Vemo Education is an education finance company that helps colleges and universities design and deploy student-centric, income-based financial aid solutions. Vemo's full-service approach to income-based student financing solutions can help your institution:

  • Improve student enrollment mix

  • Increase graduation rates

  • Boost competitiveness in recruiting

  • Generate a new revenue stream

  • Diversify institutional discounting strategies

Join us as Vemo helps you learn more about how your institution can utilize ISAs to better align the cost of college with student outcomes. Today, Vemo works with over 30 institutions to provide their students with this new financial aid option as an alternative to debt-based student loans. We invite you to join the webinar to learn more about designing an ISA program at your institution.

"A One Size Can Fit All” Title IV Disbursement Solution

Presenters: Melissa Berube, Business Development Manager, Tuition Management Systems; Howard Polack, Vice President of Product Strategy, Tuition Management System

Recorded On: Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Whether you’re a private-run institution or part of a multi-campus public college statewide system, learn how a web-based refunding and disbursement solution can serve all campus constituents. From tuition refunds to work study payroll this DOE-compliant tool also helps to reduce cost and workload associated with the process. This session will focus on the firsthand experience of an implementation through results of such a system.

Preventing Data Breaches and Maximizing Cash Flow on Campus

Presenters: Richard Emrich, Director of Treasury, Financial Operations, Northwestern University; Deborah Jackson, CEO, Arrow Payments; Bryan Jurewicz, COO, Arrow Payments

Recorded On: Thursday, May 17, 2018

Universities and colleges have the challenge of maintaining flexibility of payment solutions in a decentralized campus environment. Each department tends to want unique solutions that fit their specific needs which can involve the Treasury, Compliance and IT offices at the tail end of the decision-making process. This can leave Treasury/Compliance/IT playing catch up and at odds with the departments' desires. Discover the PCI approved technology advancements that Northwestern University has implemented to address security concerns with departmental solution flexibility, fiscal responsibility and minimized PCI compliance scope.

Learning objectives:

  • How to achieve PCI compliance and manage system-wide payments acceptance security across decentralized departments.

  • Understand what external resources are available without needing payment system security and PCI compliance expertise on staff.

  • Develop a road map to determine and implement solutions to address their department's needs.

  • Describe the various security technologies for achieving simplified PCI compliance and protecting customer credit card information against a data breach.

Raising the Bar on Program Confidence: How Communication Can Make Every Department Happy

Presenter: Doug Hindsley, Senior Partner, Card Integrity

Recorded On: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Card programs at colleges and universities are continuously looking to build program confidence. Communicating about transactions and patterns is paramount to the success and strength of your card program. Join Doug Hindsley as he presents how managers and administrators can effectively communicate key findings of expense data to department heads – and deliver purchasing insights that positively change how your card program is received.

How Can I Pay Thee? Let Me Count the Ways: Navigating the Mysteries of the Payment World

Presenter: Beth A Dubyak, President, Vincent Payment Solutions, Inc.

Recorded On: May 15, 2018

Research payment options have increased over the years. From cash, to check, to gift card, to debit – it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish which payment form should be used when. 

Led by Beth Dubyak, President of Vincent Payment Solutions, Inc., this talk features best practices for navigating research study participant payments, including how to avoid common downfalls on everything from 1099s to leftover gift cards. Ms. Dubyak also dives into the variety of factors that impact a company’s obligations to make payments and shares her expertise to help you determine what options are the most flexible and efficient for your organization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand your obligations as an organization with payments made to research study participants

  • Understand how payment execution impacts research

  • Learn the pros and cons of various payment types and how they affect processes

Supporting Non-Traditional Students – Delgado Community College, Payment Plans, and the Cost of Education

Presenters: Amy Laszcz, Delgado Community College; and Kelly Lagana, Blackboard Transact

Recorded On: May 3, 2018

Non-traditional students are becoming the new norm, however, like traditional students, they are still finding it more and more difficult to finance their education due to the increasing cost of education. Providing non-traditional students with payment plans allow additional flexibility to pay for their education. Join us as Amy Laszcz, Director of Accounts Receivable from Delgado Community College (DCC), shares how DCC started providing payment plans to non-traditional students and what benefits they saw from working with a 3rd party partner rather than doing everything in-house. Learn about their program setup, implementation, and continuing use. Also hear from Kelly Lagana, Product Manager from Blackboard, as she reviews current market trends surrounding payment plans and how to better serve all your students.

Technology, Compliance, and Customer Service: Completing the Puzzle for the Business Office of Today

Presenter: Paul Aries, Nelnet Campus Commerce

Recorded On: April 17, 2018

When considering how to offer great customer service, the best process may not always be the one that you need to be compliant with the many regulations facing the business office, financial aid office, and other areas of your campus. Likewise, the best technology that allows you to be compliant may not always be the best process to provide great customer service. This session will look at how you weigh compliance, technology, and service so the pieces fit together to create the picture you want for your operation.

ACH Rules Update 2018

Presenter: Patty Presta, WesPay

Recorded On: April 05, 2018

Join this session to get caught up on what’s going on with Same Day ACH and other upcoming NACHA rule changes. You will also learn about the new faster payments options your schools have. We will go over the first real time payments platform in the US offered by The Clearing House (RTP) and how it differs from real time payments such as Zelle.

B2B Payments on Campus: Past, Present, and Future

Presenter: Brian Cook, Paymerang

Recorded On: March 15, 2018

A rapid evolution is taking place in B2B payments. It's having a profound effect on efficiency but also on fraud and compliance risks with over 91% of organizations reporting fraud attempts in 2017 alone. Join us on a journey from where we've been to where we are today and what gaps currently exist. Then we'll take a look at where the payments industry is heading in the next few years.

Payment Plans to Support Student Success

Presenter: Kelly Lagana, Product Manager, Blackboard Transact

Date: October 19, 2017

Transparency - Helping Students and Families Take Informed Action

Presenters: Craig Lockwood, Managing Director of Tuition Management Systems and John Fees, Co-Founder and Managing Director of NGI Group

Date: September 21, 2017

Treasury Expertise Certificate Program Explained

Presenter: Jim Washam, Associate Professor and Dean of Undergraduate Programs at Arkansas State University

Date: September 19, 2017

Revamping Your Training Strategies

Presenter: Charmaine Daniels, Director of Office of Student Accounts, Georgia State University

Date: Tuesday, August 22, 2017

B2B Payments on Campus Past, Present and Future

Presenter: Brian Cook, SVP of Higher Education Paymerang

Date: Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Veterans Affairs Office Staffing Roles and Responsibilities

Presenter: Richard Robitaille,  Higher Ed Consultant in Veteran Affairs

Date: Thursday, August 3, 2017

PayPal Can Help Make Your Campus Payments Faster, Easier, and more Secure

Presenters: Clam Lorenz - Head of PayPal Government Solutions
Tori Craddock -  Channel Sales Representative with Value Payment Systems (VPS)

Date: July 20, 2017

The Emergence of Digital Wallets in Education

Presenters: Ariel Blum, Senior Manager of the Digital Partnership and Development, America Express
Tori Craddock -  Channel Sales Representative with Value Payment Systems (VPS)

Date: May 11, 2017

FERPA - A Bursar's Perspective

Presenter: Mark Goodman, Former Assistant Bursar at Temple University

Date: May 4, 2017

A Better View to to Student Account Receivables Equals BETTER RESULTS

James Garrant, Director of Student Accounts -Lasell College
Bruce McGee, Associate Bursars - Miami University
Charlene Robertson - University of Alaska Anchorage
Joe Meuse - Tuition Management Services

May 2, 2017

Optimizing the Review Cycle: Investigating, Critical Thinking, and Communicating Data 
Doug Hindsley - Senior Partner Card Integrity
Ashru Shaw P-Card Manager NC State

Providing Payment Options for Your Campus Community

Eileen Gazzuolo and Karrol Leary, CASHNET

Getting the Most Out of Your RFP

Kathy Ann Sheils, Manager of Card Programs, Cornell University | Nov 17th 

Securing Transactions on Campus with Point-to-Point Encryption

David King, CTO, OnPlanU | Nov 10th 

Outreach Plus - Maximizing Your Resources

Mark Goodman, Director of Education, Second Alliance, Scott Holmquist, President Second Alliance | Oct 27th 

Best Practices for Disclosing and
Managing Tuition Refunds

Craig Lockwood, President TMS
John Fees, Co-Founder GradGuard | September 22nd 

The New Bursar's Office: e-Everything
Bill Edmunds | July 14th 

Income-Based Deffered Tuition as a Strategic Enrollment Tool                     Vemo Education | June 2nd 

Leveraging Technology for Effective A/R Management
OnPlanU | Thursday, May 13th 

Jump Start Your Financial Literacy Efforts on Campus
Higher One | Tuesday, May 3rd 

EMV On Campus Post Liability Shift
Higher One | Thursday, March 17th

The Perfect Payment: Liberating Colleges & Universities from the Risk & Expenses of Paying Suppliers by Check
Vendorin & MasterCard | Thursday, March 10th 

A Better Approach to Credit Card Service Fees
Tuition Management Systems | Wednesday, Jan 27th