Streamlining University P-Card Program/Payment Strategy while Protecting from Card Abuse

Presenter: Rex Myers, Regional Sales Executive, SAP Concur

Aug 16, 2018 2:00 PM EST

P-Cards. What is their primary purpose on a campus? Convenience? Small dollar transactions? Expediency and timeliness? Freedom? All good reasons, but what comes with all of these reasons is risk. Risk of non-compliance. Risk of fraud. Risk of abuse and misuse. Violations of state, university, and funding source (e.g., grants) policies can instill substantial penalties and fines, total loss of funding, and even criminal charges. This becomes a balancing act. Balancing the p-card benefits of the efficiencies, timeliness, and rebates with the risk of abuse. During this webinar, learn techniques and processes that will help institutions automate the reconciliation process and drive rebates back to the university or college, all while having oversight p-card use to ensure it keeps the University out of the headlines for the wrong reasons.


Integrate Higher Ed Spend and Turn Data into Actionable Information

Presenter: Brian Kyser, Senior Solutions Consultant, SAP Concur

Aug 21, 2018 2:00 PM EST

Institutions must look at their spend holistically and anticipate spending and costs savings in more creative ways than ever before. We face hurdles of data in multiple locations, paper-based and manual processes and often a non-mandate culture that makes a holistic view difficult. Spend management could soon equal cybersecurity in importance because we cannot secure and manage what we don’t know. Inside the SAP Concur platform is a lot of data that can be turned into actionable information. We’ll review the data buried inside the system and how it can be turned into information that can save the institution dollars

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