Dealing with Difficult People: A Guide for Student Loan Professionals

Presenter: Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP, Red Shoe Institute
Date: November 20th, Noon EST
CPE Credits: None
Fee: Complimentary

Thank heavens for difficult people! They help us hone our strengths and identify our triggers, allowing difficult people and situations to become gifts that keep on giving. Student loan professionals aim to help students build powerful futures. With so much at stake, concerns regarding student loans, debt, financial literacy, collections, escalating costs, changing processes and government programs, and fraud have the potential to upset students, loan professionals, and parents. Effectively managing stress, tears, and conflict management are customer service essentials.


How to Use AP/P2P Benchmarking to Drive Performance

Presenter: Eric S. Hayes, VP, FISCAL Technologies
Date: December 12th, 2:00 pm EST
CPE Credits: 1.2 CPE Credits
Fee: Complimentary

Benchmarking the Accounts Payable function has taken on a strategic importance in today’s organization as this most vulnerable area of finance guards the outflow of its cash and transforms itself from task-driven cost center to automated profit center.

The challenge now is to identify the A/P metrics and KPIs worth measuring to gauge performance as well as to find the appropriate standards which will provide a meaningful comparison and set up the reporting mechanisms to make benchmarking a routine, easy exercise.

Attendees of this free 45-minute session will be leaders in Finance & Procurement wanting to:

  • Understand the immediate benefits of benchmarking to the organization
  • Learn specifically how benchmarking works, and how it raises Accounts Payable performance
  • Find out the key measurements and calculations needed for optimal benchmarking results